Emiliano Ruiz Carletti

Software engineer




About Me

I specialize building backends, restful APIs, distributed systems, and high availability systems. I have been praised for writing clean code, explaining concepts, and facing new challenges without being afraid of asking for help, admiting mistakes, and learning from them.
I don't believe in expertise nor finished products; for me there is always room for learning, fixing, and improving. I always do my best and take pride in my craftsmanship.

Career path

As a teenager I started modding a game called Terraria and that made me fell in love with code and software. After HighSchool finshed I headed to study Computer Engineering at Universidad de La Matanza but three years later I realized that it was only slowing me down since I had no time left to work in the projects I wanted and thus dragging my motivation down making me no productive at all. I'm now mostly self-taught and I constantly learn new things at my job, online discussions and courses, and reading books and articles.